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Screw IT ...
I'm Earnie 'Rhyker', a Desktop Real Estate Entrepreneur. A Purveyor of pixels & cyber space. I see computer screens as the most valuable real-estate

on earth, relative to size. It's about the information age, it's about leveraging your desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet, iWear and putting them to work amongst Trillions of eye balls all desiring some of the most exclusive territory in the world.

Just think about it Billions of Eyeballs Fixed on Millions of screens 24 hours a day. Any useful program / gizmo or software that lives on someone's desktop provides us with real-time interactive owner ship of highly valuable digital real-estate.

Anything that's interactive and in real-time time that actually lives on peoples desktops and mobile phones, rather than a website is where it's at, as far as I am concerned ...

That's why computer games are packed full of situation and placement advertising, computer game developers know that people play video games and watch videos online much longer, than they watch a movie or the TV these days (an avg. 6hrs per day).

Let's do it!

The in vogue social media madness seems to be overtaking over everything. Social media has got the all powerful media moguls scratching their heads as they watch their profits dive and bank accounts haemorrhage by an the unstoppable force of people power.. The all powerful TV and print media empires are fast becoming like vinyl records when CD's hit the market. Infact what happened to shiny CD's?

Just wait and see the media moguls will try to gain control back. Just how they do it will be interesting and I can assure you it will involve buy outs law suits and further erosion of our rights; 'like' FaceBook.

I am also intensely interested in dominating video marketing. I am currently seeking out every video media guru and internet marketing ninja, to discover how to market effectively. I have a ball making and creating videos and slide shows; I am self taught.

Last but not least; I like transfering my acquired knowledge to a new generation, learn from eachother, to grow as a team and individually.

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